No Cadena, No Presoni, No Spada, No Lei - Shardana

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No Cadena, No Presoni, No Spada, No Lei

Đóng góp: northmen

I want to speak to you about the sardinian folk
Born from Mother Earth and grown up by the sun for
Centuries we've been attacked
From the thousands armies
No one of them tamed us completly
We came from the sea to the Mother Earth
Sometimes so sweet, sometimes so terrible
She gave us food and water
And a warm home
And the Wind sharpened our minds
We are the sons of our land
With her mud in hand we celebrate
The life that she gave to us
And then came other folks
With which we shared the land
With them, our kind had grown strong
But also came the enemies
They tried to steal our spirit
But it's the only thing that they never can take us away
For centuries and centuries
The Evil has changed many faces
Sometimes taking ours, too
But we will never surrender
The Sardinians will struggle!

Yes, we will struggle forever
Forever for our land
“Puru candu totu parit pèrdiu, depis' crei
In su pòpulu tuu, e ddu deppis aggiudai a si sanài”
“Deu no apu a morri, fintz' a candu s'isula iat at essi libera”
Su chi benit con s'atzargiu in manu
Cun sa lama in su coru, si ndi depit andai
Su chi ponit fogu in is domus ‘e bosu
Iat at'essi consumau de sa fùria nostra
A tot'is meris, arreis e imperadoris
Ca creinti'e fai su chi bollinti
Arregoraisì ca no nc'esti cadena o prisoni
No nc'esti spada e no nc'esti lei
Ca podit firmai is Sardus!

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