Doin' Business - Chicago

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Doin' Business

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Tired of riding freeways
Tired, so tired of fighting the crowd
Repetition, ecstatic trips flow.

I'm tired of my best friends
Tired of feeling used
Talkin' small talk, movin' slow.

Tired of feeling guilty
I'm tired, I'm tired of standing still
I had big dreams, where'd they go?
Tell me, where did my dreams go?

Doin' business, dressed in gray
Try to make it, payday to payday
Doin' business, here to stay.

I'm tired of the program
Tired, tired of playing the game
Television, radio
Tell me, where did the dreams go?

Doin' business, in control
Life on a schedule, heart and soul
Doin' business, it's to go.

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